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Mount Litera Zee School, India joins the SafeTeens Online family

Safe Teens Online is excited to invite our newest school partner, Mount Litera Zee School, Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu India to the global effort in educating teens on cyber safety related risks and opportunities. 

In 2020, as COVID ravaged the world, workplaces, schools, and almost every other congregation of people was forced to go find socially distanced methods to stay connected. That meant going 100% digital for a vast swath of the world. 

Our zoom game got sharper, our TV time, work time, school time and hanging out with friends and family time, all melded into one, even as our sense of physical space became restricted to the confines of home. Within that, a remarkable human spirit came through. Teachers found ways to stay connected to their students, engaging them with games, and a new set of daily digital homeroom rituals. Students discovered the best way to stay focused on schoolwork despite the ever-present distractions of being at home. 

All this newness also meant taking the occasional security breaches of online classroom / tools in stride. Some classrooms were hacked, inappropriate content was shown to students. Forgotten passwords took on a whole new meaning and magnitude.  In parallel, the world has seen an increase in social dissatisfaction, lack of trust and a clarion call to decentralization. Students will become familiar with changes in the technology landscape through project-based learning and activities. They will have opportunities to share their unique perspectives with peers and bring the voice of the users to companies, government authorities, educators and other stakeholders around the world. 

We congratulate the Mount Litera Zee School for their boldness and vision in inviting their students to engage in cutting edge topics and thought leadership. Mr. CKG Raj and Principal Shankaran, through able faculty advisor Ms. Zeenath Nazreen are leading the charge as they work closely with student leaders to roll out the program. We are excited to be part of the Zee Litera students’ digital education journey.

-Safe Teens Online team

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SafeTeensOnline ambassador on music and online security

Simon enjoys music and practices piano for several hours a day and also exploring how computer science can help environmental issues like the dead spots that are growing in the ocean. He believes Computer science may hold the key to saving the planet; by programming a protocell that could add oxygen to the ocean.

As a SafeTeensOnline ambassador Simon is focused on raising awareness on Internet safety and privacy to other teenagers by creating How to Videos on various topics that are relevant for his generation. Based on his personal experience associated security he is raising awareness on various security measures on online safety, so you won’t have to experience what he

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Mobile Phones and Sleep Deprivation among Teenagers

Most of us are sleep deprived. Yes I understand all the classes, extracurricular activities and Social activities take most of the time for teenagers. But when we take a closer look at this concern, inevitably we conclude that biggest influencer at play is the smart phone. Given the ubiquitous nature and wide range of services it can perform such as – Web access, gaming, music, social interactions and more – that’s understandable. According to PEW research study on average teenagers spend 1/3 of their life using screens and that’s roughly 8 hours a day. According to Sandiago state university study on sleep deprived American teenagers concluded that smartphone is the major cause for their condition. National Sleep Foundation recommends teenagers get between 8 and 10 hours of sleep nightly. Meanwhile, those who spent 5 hours daily on their devices had a 50 percent greater chance of not getting the adequate sleep.

In this video SafeTeensOnline Ambassador Sara talks about How to use features on the mobile phones so that Teenagers are more focused during driving, home work and particularly sleeping.