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SafeTeensOnline ambassador on music and online security

Simon enjoys music and practices piano for several hours a day and also exploring how computer science can help environmental issues like the dead spots that are growing in the ocean. He believes Computer science may hold the key to saving the planet; by programming a protocell that could add oxygen to the ocean.

As a SafeTeensOnline ambassador Simon is focused on raising awareness on Internet safety and privacy to other teenagers by creating How to Videos on various topics that are relevant for his generation. Based on his personal experience associated security he is raising awareness on various security measures on online safety, so you won’t have to experience what he

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SafeTeens Online attracts students, parents…

Fairless Hills: Safeteens Online was present at the 23rd Pennsbury Career Fair at the Pennsbury High School, Fairless Hills, PA. Vineeth Veeramachaneni, Founder and CEO of Safeteens Online hosted several students at the fair who discussed plans after high school graduation. Vineeth presented information about several opportunities, job training programs and online courses in the area of cybersecurity that lead to good paying jobs.

Several parents noted that not every student intends to attend college and finding a decent paying job without a four-year degree has become difficult these days. Vineeth Veeramachaneni stated that there would be an estimated 2 million opportunities in areas of Cybersecurity and most of those jobs do not require a four-year degree. Safeteens Online guides students with online courses, workshops, and seminars for interested students and guides them to apprenticeships and certification programs.

Perry Warren, PA State Representative, appreciated Safeteens Online efforts in assisting students by providing resources and information to figure out and improve career prospects. Vineeth added that in the constantly changing economy, it is good to utilize all resources that are available for free and stay competitive in the market.

The Career Fair is a District-wide, school-to-career event with an emphasis on career exploration for all students, grades K-12. Approximately 1,500 students, parents, teachers, and community members visited exhibits placed throughout the gymnasium, cafeteria, and hallways,” said Frank Mayo, the district’s curriculum coordinator for business, computers and information technology.

The fair includes more than 150 exhibitors representing business, industry, government, healthcare, and non-profit careers. Each year, exhibitors share the details of their career paths, including educational requirements and professional insight. By speaking one-to-one with professionals, students gain a depth of knowledge not acquired within the classroom environment.

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Pennsbury School District selects SafeTeensOnline…

This week SafeTeensOnline,Inc completed a business education partnership with Pennsbury School District. Pennsbury school district is one of the largest districts in PA with total student population of 10,045 at 14 schools. SafeTeensOnline worked with PHS Principal Reggie Meadows and Supervisor of Communication Strategies Ann Langtry on how SafeTeensOnline can support the district needs to support the Future Ready PA Index.

Vineeth Veeramachaneni Founder & CEO of SafeTeensOnline explained the need for current education model ( consumption based) is not supporting the future job requirements ( contribution and collaboration model). Vineeth believes that by 2025 75% of workforce is comprised of millennials and Future ready PA index is designed to address the exact requirement.

Safeteens and it’s Ambassadors are excited to support the district in preparing the students to be ready for future workforce. 

As part of the partnership SafeTeensOnline will provide the following services 

  1. Run Cybersecurity awareness workshops
  2. Support career development and skill training activities
  3. Mentoring and training to develop future cybersecurity leaders
  4. School to career information seminar
  5. Curriculum support – Cybersecurity tools and topics
  6. Support afterschool STEM clubs

Background on Future Ready PA Index:

Pennsylvania’s economic future depends on having a well-educated and skilled workforce prepared to meet the current and projected demands of a global, knowledge-based 21st century economy. To help meet this challenge, the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) is committed to ensuring all students in the commonwealth have access to high-quality learning opportunities that prepare them for meaningful engagement in postsecondary education, in workforce training, in career pathways, and as responsible, involved citizens.1 Regardless of their individual postsecondary plans, all students should graduate from high school with the knowledge, skills, and experiences needed to succeed in the workforce. 

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Mobile Phishing and Social Engineering

Even we lock down our devices, establish network security and encrypt our e-mails we are still vulnerable to Phishing and Social engineering attacks. Recently there is news about Phishing and Social Engineering vulnerabilities with latest Justice departments Indictments related to DNC hacks.

In our “Think before your click” How to video our ambassador Sahas Gelli talks about Social engineering. In the context of information security, Social engineering refers to psychological manipulation of people into performing actions or divulging confidential information. A type of confidence trick for the purpose of information gathering, fraud, or system access, it differs from a traditional “con” in that it is often one of many steps in a more complex fraud scheme.