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This bootcamp style workshop is deigned to help students understand the basics of cyber security through the lens and experience of industry leaders.

Our eminent guest speakers will take participants through various career tracks and opportunities in all things digital, cybersecurity and ancillary fields. Our sessions are interactive, and take students through an immersive experience in cybersecurity through interpersonal interactions as the whole concept of this workshop is to promote spirit of enquiry amongst students.

It's a wrap - Cyber & Beyond 2022


SafeTeensOnline is a US based organization that was started to bridge the gap in cybersecurity practices among young adults. We are looking to reach 1 billion young people around the world with cyber safety, and digital awareness.

We educate young adults about internet safety and create awareness in the community through bite-sized peer led and expert guided modules. All SafeTeensOnline activities are geared towards developing & helping them use the internet in a safe and secure manner.

As we broaden our reach with these messages, we’ve partnered with a dynamic company in India to serve students there. EdBull is an education focused company led by founders who’ve been steeped in the Indian education system from schools all the way through international as well as Indian universities. EdBull is helping SafeTeensOnline wrap around the cultural and educational nuances in India to equip the youth with good cyber safety hygiene and an understanding of career options in this growing field.