Natasha Singh is a 15 year old girl, born and raised in Riverside, California. She is a sophomore who enjoys learning.  Her most-liked subjects include art class and taking AP statistics with her favorite math teacher.
Natasha has been cheering both freshman year and currently on the competitive cheer team for Notre Dame High School.  To embrace her diverse cultural background of Ecuadorian and South Asian Indian decent, Natasha practices the art of Bollywood dancing and has traveled to India on a yearly basis since the young age of 18 months.  Natasha’s future aspirations include caring for those in need, in the health care field as a physician.
With an avid online presence, Natasha understands the importance of cyber security and values privacy. She often shares with her friends, best practices in maintaining an active presence while securing safety measures. For this reason Natasha has enjoyed working with SafeTeensOnline.