Samarth Gioia is a sixth-grade student at Woodland School in Portola Valley, CA. He is a very outgoing student who enjoys math, science, reading, violin, and playing flag football. He has competed in academic competitions and has expanded his thinking and knowledge about the importance of serving the broader community.

The pandemic has made a lasting impression on Samarth, especially in the area of Cyber safety. As his interactions moved from in-person to online, he noticed that several of his friends were cyberbullied in online gaming forums. Additionally, being online for a large portion of the day, he realized he was being exposed to content unsuitable for his age. These experiences have motivated him to take action to educate himself and his peers.

Samarth is excited to be a part of SafeTeensOnline (STO). He envisions utilizing STO,  which provides the ideal platform for education and a peer-to-peer network, especially for younger individuals who are embarking on their online journey both at school, and at home.