Shona Ray, a sixth grader at Goodnoe Elementary in Pennsylvania’s Council Rock School District, is excited to serve as an ambassador for Safeteens Online. She has a passion for competitive squash, but it was her interest in environmental science that led her to explore SafeTeens and digital safety. Shona believes young activists have accessible resources now more than ever before but must be aware of the risks posed by digital platforms. Some of these risks include misuse of online personal data and signing up for unsafe services. These challenges can be overcome with measures like creating secure passwords, avoiding of deceptive websites, and protecting sensitive information.


As a website manager and student who uses technology daily, Shona has encountered numerous cyber-security threats. One such incident occurred when her classmate’s account was hacked at school. Although the school resolved the issue, it made Shona realize how easily safety online can be compromised. Further investigation revealed that the breach occurred through a seemingly insignificant website that the student had signed up for. Many teenagers sign up for platforms without understanding their true intentions, and this exposes them to risks. What may appear to be a simple email list could result in the exposure of personal data in seconds. Safeteens Online has helped Shona stay safe online and can help people around the world navigate the digital world with confidence and responsibility.