Hi! My name is Sohan Kondru, and I am currently an 8th grader at Thomas Grover Middle School. I love playing music on my Double Bass, and I enjoy playing outside with my family and friends. My favorite sports include badminton, basketball, running, and fencing. I also like to participate in science and math competitions, and I love to learn. I spend most of my free time playing games with my friends, and even then, I love innovating and building more in our games. I am playful, energetic, and constantly curious. I hope I can continue doing what I love for a very long time!

A while ago, I went down a rabbit hole of how scam callers exploited the elderly for thousands of dollars. While researching, I realized how much of a double-edged sword our technology is. People use it for beneficial things, like research and spreading helpful information, but many people use it for malicious reasons. The internet is an extremely complex web of resources, and some may not be as good as they seem. Every day, millions of people get slandered, hurt, or bullied on the internet, and that is something that young people like me need to avoid. In the most influential moments of our lives, we can’t have the constant threat of being attacked on the internet be in our minds. This shows the importance of education on internet safety. I personally have never really encountered anything too terrible on the internet, but luckily I know it exists and I can take precautions against it. Without education on the subject, many people can get hurt, and I at least want to make a difference, no matter how big or small.