In a glittering ceremony attended by middle and upper schoolers, their parents, well wishers and educators, Mount Zee Litera School officially launched their chapter of the Safe Teens Online club. Under the guidance of Mr. Sankaran, Principal, Correspondent Mr. CK Govindaraj, and Safe Teens Online Coordinator Ms. Zeenath Nazhreen, Student Ambassadors from 9th to 12th standard took their oaths of office, promising to uphold the highest standards of care, kindness and sharing as they spearheaded cyber safety related discussions among their peers under the auspices of the Safe Teens Online umbrella. 

Students’ creativity took centerstage as the audience, both in person and virtual was regaled with a mime show that revealed their interpretation of how cyber safety incidents might transpire. Safe Teens Online Founder Ms. Rajani Veeramachaneni, Global President Meghna “Chili” Pramoda and Advisor Ms. Krupa Srinivas were in attendance as they each shared their reasons for continued volunteering with Safe Teens Online. Chili specifically shared the story behind a secret instagram account she’d created and how it paved the way to think about risks behind a seemingly mindless and entertaining activity of swiping… 

As the Mount Zee Litera School in Tirupur moves forward with the Safe Teens Online curriculum, we are eager to see how students in this school apply their creativity in echoing the message of online safety to peers around the world.

– Safe Teens Online

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