SafeTeensOnline Florida Ambassador Manav Puluru recently had the honor of presenting STO’s latest research findings at CONVENE, a prestigious conference focused on technology, education, and online safety. The event for security training and awareness professionals was held in Florida in January 2024. Experts spoke on the latest developments in security awareness, phishing campaigns, social engineering, behavioral science, managing human risk, and more exciting topics!

At the conference, Manav Pulluru shared insights from STO’s comprehensive study on the online behavior of teenagers and the challenges they face in today’s digital landscape. The study titled “A NOVEL CYBER INCIDENT RISK PREDICTION MODEL USING MACHINE LEARNING” was authored by Meghna “Chili” Pramoda and Siona “Dolly” Pramoda and published in the International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology (IJSRCSEIT) in 2022.

The cyber risk predictor model set has high overall accuracy, precision, and recall. This low-cost approach to personalized risk scores could support periodic evaluation and trending of educational effectiveness in cyber safety at a global scale. Multiple education-related features can be deployed to impact the risk of cyber incidents. It would enable us to quantify the effects of comprehensive educational efforts to support policy-making and guide program rollouts in schools and communities. The study noted a high correlation between students’ experience of distress and recovery time. There is an urgent need to develop models for early identification and matching of such students with behavioral health / clinical experts.

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