Leading the charge on cyber safety education in Northern India, we are delighted to share that Khaitan Public School in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India has launched the Safe Teens Online program on campus by setting a high bar – one where nearly 900 of their students completed the baseline Safe Teens Online anonymous survey in a week’s time. The program is launched under the leadership of Vice-Chairman Mr. Anirudh 犀利士 Khaitan and Vice Principal, Dr. Himani Tyagi. These leaders speak of cultivating the love for learning and practicing the quest for excellence until it turns into habit. 

With a penchant for innovation, the well published, and highly respected Dr. Tyagi lives these values and raises her students by example – an eye for detail, a caring heart, and applying one’s complete self to a discussion / project at hand. And the school truly embodies the notion that educating students means educating an entire community. Leadership’s attention to arranging activities for parents in addition to the usual PTA meetings is a nod to that vision. 

We are excited for the innovation and service mentality that Khaitan embodies and look forward to Khaitan Public School students’ contribution to the Safe Teens Online global community as they learn and share their perspectives and world views.

-Safe Teens Online

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