The Safe Teens Online community is excited to share that Rosary Education System in Rajkot, Gujarat, India has chosen to partner with us to further their students’ understanding of cyber safety related risks and opportunities. Dr. Varia, head of Rosary Education System and visionary leader recognizes that for school students, their definition of the real world blends digital and in person versions. He is leading the charge in teaching his students about the importance of introducing pause between thought and word (whether oral or written) through his simple yet effective questions:

  • Is it true?
  • Is it kind?
  • Is is necessary?

As students navigate social media, they often reach out to him with the situations they face, seeking advise on appropriate response. We celebrate Rosary Education System’s model of a trusted student-educator relationship as Ms. Payal Jasani and Mr. Arjunsinh Jadeja co-champion ideas on cyber safety alongside Dr. Varia. We are excited to meet the student ambassadors at RES and see them roll out the program not only in English, but also in Gujarati, the local language in their community.

– Safe Teens Online

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