Dear Member,
Congratulations, and welcome to SafeTeens Online! We are pleased you have chosen to work, grow and learn with us.
We know there is a lot of information to process when starting as an advocate for SafeTeens Online. The following can be used as a guide comprehensive overview of the policies, procedures and tools that will assist you in smooth on-boarding process.

Ice Breaker
We would like to you to announce and socialize the mission and
vision of SafeTeens at your school.

  1. Complete the ambassador application form or school
    partnership form.
  2. Reach out to your school mentor ( Teacher/Principal/Guidance
    counselor/mentor) and express your interest in starting the
  3. Documents that help you with pitching -SafeTeens Online Business Plan, SafetTeens Online School Roll out plan, SafeTeens Onboarding check list.

First Step
Once you have buy-in then reach out to SafeTeens team to create a school specific survey to understand the baseline
cybersecurity awareness at your school.
1.Baseline student knowledge and concerns through SafeTeensOnline survey.

  1. SafeTeensOnline analyzes, summarizes and presents results with school faculty advisors, and student leaders
    Faculty advisor designates school assembly for student leaders to share survey results.
  2. Recruit members:
    a. Faculty advisor / Student Leadership sends out interest forms to middle and upper school to help identify students
    who want to participate in the program
    b. School sends middle and upper school parents a one-pager describing the program, and requesting them to speak
    to their kids about it, resulting in expressing interest
    c. We have seen schools incorporate it into their school spirit activities, weave it into their inter-house competition
    schedule, etc

Curriculum Logistics
SafeTeensOnline provides training videos and portal access ( Lesson topics, lesson plans, Best practices
and various articles related to various cyber security topics) for faculty advisors and student leaders.
SafeTeens provides access to the education portal and allows schools/clubs to manage the club activity.
SafeTeensOnline point-person is identified along with backup to ensure the school’s and students’
questions are answered in a timely fashion.
Faculty advisors / student leaders upload member list to Safe Teens Online portal for access, information
sharing and club activities. Faculty Advisors / student leaders choose 3 topics for the
first quarter of club activities and add to custom curriculum

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