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STO Speaks at National Cyber Safety Alliance’s CONVENE

SafeTeensOnline Florida Ambassador Manav Puluru recently had the honor of presenting STO’s latest research findings at CONVENE, a prestigious conference focused on technology, education, and online safety. The event for security training and awareness professionals was held in Florida in January 2024. Experts spoke on the latest developments in security awareness, phishing campaigns, social engineering, behavioral science, managing human risk, and more exciting topics!

At the conference, Manav Pulluru shared insights from STO’s comprehensive study on the online behavior of teenagers and the challenges they face in today’s digital landscape. The study titled “A NOVEL CYBER INCIDENT RISK PREDICTION MODEL USING MACHINE LEARNING” was authored by Meghna “Chili” Pramoda and Siona “Dolly” Pramoda and published in the International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology (IJSRCSEIT) in 2022.

The cyber risk predictor model set has high overall accuracy, precision, and recall. This low-cost approach to personalized risk scores could support periodic evaluation and trending of educational effectiveness in cyber safety at a global scale. Multiple education-related features can be deployed to impact the risk of cyber incidents. It would enable us to quantify the effects of comprehensive educational efforts to support policy-making and guide program rollouts in schools and communities. The study noted a high correlation between students’ experience of distress and recovery time. There is an urgent need to develop models for early identification and matching of such students with behavioral health / clinical experts.

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Recap: Telangana Cyber Safety Bootcamp

SafeTeensOnline partnered with a consortium including Telangana State Innovation Cell (TSIC), Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, and BrightChamps, to launch the Telangana Cyber Safety Bootcamp. The virtual bootcamp took place across two days in October, the 20 and 21, 2023, The goal was to initiate a dialog among students in grades 6 to 12 in the state on digital safety.

The bootcamp covered various topics such as digital citizenship responsibilities, online risks, cyber etiquette, privacy, cyber security careers, educational paths, and their relevance in different fields. Students had the opportunity to participate in the STO Cyber Safety Challenge, showcasing their creativity and knowledge through videos or posters related to the discussed topics.

Supported by expert-led sessions, the program was designed to empower the next generation of digital citizens. It emphasized the importance of being aware of cyber safety in today’s digital world. A senior official from TSIC mentioned that the bootcamp not only taught students how to stay safe online but also highlighted the enriching experience of working in cyber security.

The program featured extensive interaction, with participants actively engaging in dynamic discussions and engaging activities, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity. The diverse panel of subject matter experts – Rajendra Prasad, Associate Director, Society For Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC), Rupesh Mittal, founder of Cyber Jagrithi Foundation, Leena Shivakumar, Khaja Riyazuddin (Riyaz), Krupa Srinivas, Soujanya (Chinni) Pulluru MD. They not only shared their knowledge but also interacted closely with students, answering their questions and fueling their enthusiasm for cybersecurity.

Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao / KTR Jayesh Ranjan Shanta Thoutam, Ph.D. Telangana Digital Media Wing Neha Ankam Rajani Veeramachaneni

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STOs Dolly Makes Top 25 Emerging Visionaries

SafeTeensOnline is proud to announce that one of our Ambassadors, Dolly Pramoda, has been selected for the prestigious Prudential Emerging Visionaries Program. Pramoda, a youth leader from Puerto Rico, was recognized for her work in bridging the gap in cybersecurity practices among young adults.

The Prudential Emerging Visionaries Program is a global initiative launched by Prudential plc, a multinational financial services company, to support and empower young people who are passionate about creating positive social impact in their communities. Prudential Emerging Visionaries recognizes young people ages 14-18 whose fresh perspectives and innovative solutions address pressing financial and societal challenges in their communities.

Through the program, participants receive access to a range of resources, including online training modules, workshops, networking events, and mentor-ship from experienced professionals. They also have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals from around the world and collaborate on projects aimed at creating positive change.

As an Ambassador for SafeTeensOnline, Pramoda works to promote cybersecurity awareness among young people in Puerto Rico. In addition to creating educational resources, organizing events, and advocating for safer online practices for teenagers, she has played an important role in promoting safer online practices. Her work is a testament to the impact that young people can make when they are empowered and supported.To learn more about the Prudential Emerging Visionaries Program and Dolly Pramoda’s recognition, please visit this press release:

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STO Ambassadors Shine at the App Challenge

Our Ambassadors Take the Congressional App Challenge by Storm!

We are proud to announce that our Ambassadors have come out on top in the recent Congressional App Challenge! The challenge, sponsored by the United States Congress, is a nationwide competition aimed at encouraging students to learn how to code and create their own innovative apps.

Our Ambassadors worked tirelessly to create an app that not only met the criteria of the challenge but also reflected the mission and values of our organization. Their hard work and dedication paid off, as they were named winners in their district.

This is a tremendous accomplishment, not only for our Ambassadors but also for our organization as a whole. It is a testament to the importance of promoting technology and computer science education and encourages young people to pursue careers in these fields. The Congressional App Challenge is a wonderful opportunity for students to showcase their skills, learn new things, and have fun while doing it.

We are extremely proud of our Ambassadors Meghna Pramoda of Baldwin School of Puerto Rico and Siona Pramoda of Baldwin School of Puerto Rico and the impact they have made on the community. Their success in the Congressional App Challenge is a shining example of the positive impact that technology and education can have on young people. We encourage all students, regardless of age or background, to explore the world of technology and coding, and to participate in initiatives like the Congressional App Challenge.

Thank you to the Congressional App Challenge for providing this opportunity for our Ambassadors, and for supporting the next generation of technology leaders.

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We’re now GuideStar Platinum Transparent!

What a way to ring in 2023—we’re Guidestar Platinum Transparent! Come celebrate the spirit of openness that runs throughout our organization. We provided detailed information on how we run our operations, programs, and finances to the public to achieve this coveted designation. It is the highest level of transparency that a nonprofit can attain on the Guidestar platform. In other words, Guidestar vouches for our transparency!

At SafeTeensOnline Inc, we are committed to transparency and accountability in all that we do. We believe that it is essential for our stakeholders – including donors, volunteers, and the communities we serve – to have access to information about our organization. By providing this information, we hope to build trust and foster relationships with those who support our mission.

Our organization is dedicated to promoting internet safety for teens and young people. Through our educational programs and resources, we aim to empower young people to make safe and responsible choices online. We believe that this work is more important now than ever, as the internet plays an increasingly central role in our daily lives.

We are honored to have received this recognition from Guidestar and are grateful for their support. We look forward to continuing to serve our communities and promote internet safety for teens. If you would like to learn more about SafeTeensOnline Inc and our work, please visit our website or follow us on social media. Thank you for your support!