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Rosary Education System, Gujarat, India Partners with Safe Teens Online on the Road to Student Cyber Safety

The Safe Teens Online community is excited to share that Rosary Education System in Rajkot, Gujarat, India has chosen to partner with us to further their students’ understanding of cyber safety related risks and opportunities. Dr. Varia, head of Rosary Education System and visionary leader recognizes that for school students, their definition of the real world blends digital and in person versions. He is leading the charge in teaching his students about the importance of introducing pause between thought and word (whether oral or written) through his simple yet effective questions:

  • Is it true?
  • Is it kind?
  • Is is necessary?

As students navigate social media, they often reach out to him with the situations they face, seeking advise on appropriate response. We celebrate Rosary Education System’s model of a trusted student-educator relationship as Ms. Payal Jasani and Mr. Arjunsinh Jadeja co-champion ideas on cyber safety alongside Dr. Varia. We are excited to meet the student ambassadors at RES and see them roll out the program not only in English, but also in Gujarati, the local language in their community.

– Safe Teens Online

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Wardlaw+Hartridge School Declares Cyber Safety Important and Joins Safe Teens Online

We are excited to invite Wardlaw + Hartridge School in Edison, NJ, USA into the Safe Teens Online family. The student ambassador and faculty at Warldaw + Hartridge join the global effort in educating teens on cyber safety related risks and opportunities. 

While students, teachers, administrators and parents have all come to terms with a hybrid approach to education as well as life, the new normal highlights more than ever, the need for understanding rules of the digital road. It takes that special blend of courage, vision and drive to launch into a new effort while already overwhelmed with finding cadence around the new normal. We laud their efforts as we welcome Vineeth Reddy, Ambassador, and the entire Wardlaw + Hartridge community into the journey that begins in cyber safety awareness and progresses towards digital citizenship.

-Safe Teens Online

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Cyber Safety Education as a Tool to Combat Disruptions in Remote Education

FBI, CISA and MS-ISAC jointly highlight the importance of cyber safety education in students, teachers and administrators. This just goes to show that while it is possible to put systems in place, the users of those systems can either be our biggest strengths or weaknesses.

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SafeTeens President Meghna (“Chili”) Pramoda Welcomes New Ambassadors

Dear Member,
Congratulations, and welcome to SafeTeens Online! We are pleased that you have chosen to work, grow and learn with us. We know there is a lot of information to process when starting as an Ambassador for SafeTeens Online. `As you get up the learning curve, use this page as a ready reference and checklist:

Step 1: Ice Breaker
Announce and socialize the mission and vision of SafeTeens at your school.

  • If you haven’t already connected with us, please complete the ambassador application form:
  • Reach out to your school mentor ( Teacher/Principal/Guidance
    counselor/mentor) and express your interest in starting the
  • We can walk you through our program and give you slides that you can share with your mentor.

Step 2: Safe Teens Online Survey for Middle & Upper Schoolers
Once you have buy-in then reach out to Safe Teens team to create a school specific survey to understand the baseline
cybersecurity awareness at your school.

  • Baseline student knowledge and concerns through SafeTeensOnline survey.
  • Safe Teens Online analyzes, summarizes and presents results with school faculty advisors, and student leaders
  • Faculty advisor designates school assembly for student leaders to share survey results. This school assembly doubles up as a membership drive.
  • Recruit members:
    a. Faculty advisor / Student Leadership sends out interest forms to middle and upper school to help identify students
    who want to participate in the program
    b. School sends middle and upper school parents a one-pager describing the program, and requesting them to speak to their kids about it, resulting in expressing interest
    c. We have seen schools incorporate it into their school spirit activities, weave it into their inter-house competition schedule, etc

Step 3: First Club Meeting

  • Safe Teens Online provides training videos and portal access (Lesson topics, lesson plans, best practices and various articles related to various cyber security topics) for faculty advisors and student leaders.
  • Safe Teens Online provides access to the education portal and allows schools/clubs to manage the club activity.
  • Safe Teens Online point-person is identified along with backup to ensure the school’s and students’ questions are answered in a timely fashion.
  • Faculty advisors / student leaders upload member list to Safe Teens Online portal for access, information sharing and club activities.
  • Faculty Advisors / student leaders choose 3 topics for the first quarter of club activities and add to custom curriculum

It’s that simple 1-2-3. Let’s get started.