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Safe Teens Online Welcomes Khaitan Public School Educators, Parents and Students to the Global Family Making Cyberspace Safer for Students

Leading the charge on cyber safety education in Northern India, we are delighted to share that Khaitan Public School in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India has launched the Safe Teens Online program on campus by setting a high bar – one where nearly 900 of their students completed the baseline Safe Teens Online anonymous survey in a week’s time. The program is launched under the leadership of Vice-Chairman Mr. Anirudh 犀利士 Khaitan and Vice Principal, Dr. Himani Tyagi. These leaders speak of cultivating the love for learning and practicing the quest for excellence until it turns into habit. 

With a penchant for innovation, the well published, and highly respected Dr. Tyagi lives these values and raises her students by example – an eye for detail, a caring heart, and applying one’s complete self to a discussion / project at hand. And the school truly embodies the notion that educating students means educating an entire community. Leadership’s attention to arranging activities for parents in addition to the usual PTA meetings is a nod to that vision. 

We are excited for the innovation and service mentality that Khaitan embodies and look forward to Khaitan Public School students’ contribution to the Safe Teens Online global community as they learn and share their perspectives and world views.

-Safe Teens Online

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Rosary Education System, Gujarat, India Partners with Safe Teens Online on the Road to Student Cyber Safety

The Safe Teens Online community is excited to share that Rosary Education System in Rajkot, Gujarat, India has chosen to partner with us to further their students’ understanding of cyber safety related risks and opportunities. Dr. Varia, head of Rosary Education System and visionary leader recognizes that for school students, their definition of the real world blends digital and in person versions. He is leading the charge in teaching his students about the importance of introducing pause between thought and word (whether oral or written) through his simple yet effective questions:

  • Is it true?
  • Is it kind?
  • Is is necessary?

As students navigate social media, they often reach out to him with the situations they face, seeking advise on appropriate response. We celebrate Rosary Education System’s model of a trusted student-educator relationship as Ms. Payal Jasani and Mr. Arjunsinh Jadeja co-champion ideas on cyber safety alongside Dr. Varia. We are excited to meet the student ambassadors at RES and see them roll out the program not only in English, but also in Gujarati, the local language in their community.

– Safe Teens Online

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Wardlaw+Hartridge School Declares Cyber Safety Important and Joins Safe Teens Online

We are excited to invite Wardlaw + Hartridge School in Edison, NJ, USA into the Safe Teens Online family. The student ambassador and faculty at Warldaw + Hartridge join the global effort in educating teens on cyber safety related risks and opportunities. 

While students, teachers, administrators and parents have all come to terms with a hybrid approach to education as well as life, the new normal highlights more than ever, the need for understanding rules of the digital road. It takes that special blend of courage, vision and drive to launch into a new effort while already overwhelmed with finding cadence around the new normal. We laud their efforts as we welcome Vineeth Reddy, Ambassador, and the entire Wardlaw + Hartridge community into the journey that begins in cyber safety awareness and progresses towards digital citizenship.

-Safe Teens Online

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Mount Zee Litera, Tirupur Officially Launches Safe Teens Online Club in Tamil Nadu

In a glittering ceremony attended by middle and upper schoolers, their parents, well wishers and educators, Mount Zee Litera School officially launched their chapter of the Safe Teens Online club. Under the guidance of Mr. Sankaran, Principal, Correspondent Mr. CK Govindaraj, and Safe Teens Online Coordinator Ms. Zeenath Nazhreen, Student Ambassadors from 9th to 12th standard took their oaths of office, promising to uphold the highest standards of care, kindness and sharing as they spearheaded cyber safety related discussions among their peers under the auspices of the Safe Teens Online umbrella. 

Students’ creativity took centerstage as the audience, both in person and virtual was regaled with a mime show that revealed their interpretation of how cyber safety incidents might transpire. Safe Teens Online Founder Ms. Rajani Veeramachaneni, Global President Meghna “Chili” Pramoda and Advisor Ms. Krupa Srinivas were in attendance as they each shared their reasons for continued volunteering with Safe Teens Online. Chili specifically shared the story behind a secret instagram account she’d created and how it paved the way to think about risks behind a seemingly mindless and entertaining activity of swiping… 

As the Mount Zee Litera School in Tirupur moves forward with the Safe Teens Online curriculum, we are eager to see how students in this school apply their creativity in echoing the message of online safety to peers around the world.

– Safe Teens Online

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The Baldwin School of Puerto Rico – Safe Teens Online Partnership Announcement

Safe Teens Online is pleased to invite our newest addition to the STO family, Baldwin School of Puerto Rico, to the global effort on educating teens on cyber safety related risks and preventions. 

As our first Puerto Rican school, Baldwin School of Puerto Rico brings together hundreds of talented students in a resource rich learning environment. As an IB (international baccalaureate) school, Baldwin School prizes initiative and hard work with faculty and learners. The Baldwin  community fosters international mindedness and accomplishments in the arts, service, and athletics. 

The COVID pand犀利士 emic didn’t just casually bump into the human population in early March of 2020, it came at us like a raging, category 5 hurricane. People were helpless in havoc all around. Radical change had become the new norm. Overnight, schools switched entirely online.

It was definitely difficult for everyone to adapt. Everyone had to learn to navigate through their new environments and learn what was safe and healthy for them versus what was not. Of course, making this change came with some immense risks. 

With Safe Teens Online, students will become familiar with changes in the technology landscape through project-based learning and activities. They will have their peers educate them, and will have a sense of peer to peer community emphasized. They will have opportunities to share their unique perspectives with peers and bring the voice of the users to companies, government authorities, educators and other stakeholders around the world. 

We congratulate the Baldwin School of Puerto Rico for taking this massive leap forward in inviting their students in such important topics and leadership opportunities. Siona “Dolly” Pramoda is leading the initiative under the tutelage of Ms. Victoria Banks, Ms. Maite Goyco, and Ms. Zacha Ortiz. We are excited to be a part of the Baldwin digital education community and journey. 

– SafeTeens Online Community