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Jayanth M, a SafeTeensOnline Ambassador from Mount Litera Zee School in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, Jayanth.M, interviewed Mr. Kort Evans, Co-Founder, and Principal Cybersecurity Consultant at Colossus Technologies Group, about his personal experiences and some safety measures.

Social media can be a dangerous place for sharing personal details, as cyberspace is vast and permanent. Our privacy and security are threatened by social media and third-party applications, but a few simple changes, such as using a VPN and anti-virus software on mobile devices, can help a great deal.  It is necessary to know about cyber security to avoid encroachment of privacy by cyber attackers and hackers.

As cybersecurity has become more popular, it’s no surprise that there are many career opportunities in this fascinating field.

War is no longer waged, with weapons and arms. As countries become more competitive, cyber warfare becomes more prominent. 

The more you know about cybersecurity, the more secure you can make your network and browse safely with a greater sense of security and peace of mind.

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