Hi, I’m Natasha Singh, a sophomore at Notre Dame High School in California. Recently, I had the opportunity of interviewing a young teen boy named Vivek. He created a chat based application during the pandemic where he could chat and socialize with his classmates.  

In the first stages, the site was going well with friends and classmates actively participating in conversation however he then encountered some issues. Vivek observed rude and bullying behavior towards a group of kids. This took him by surprise as he was very disappointed since this was not his intentions at all.

The idea was to create a platform where he and his friends can socialize while physically being away from each other. After observing the negativity that was happening, he realized that he needs to have safety measures in place to prevent such harmful a犀利士 ctivity.

He has learned from this experience and is working on creating a similar application that will try to minimize bullying behavior. We wish Vivek all the best as he works to develop application with an environment where he and his friends can safely socialize and keep a positive environment to chat.

Natasha Singh

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